You can help us by visiting us.  Every cent spent at our sanctuaries helps us to care for wild animals and it also helps our sanctuaries to grow.

You can help us by volunteering your time or special skills. Can you take nice photo's, can you paint, can you write blogs, can you garden, can you film and edit videos? Any assistance is much appreciated here at our sanctuaries. For more information you can contact our volunteer coordinator Paula.

You can help buy purchasing something from our online store.

You can help buy donating money.

You can help by encouraging your friends and family members to say NO to wildlife petting. Say NO to all wildlife interaction such as riding elephants or ostriches. Say NO to dolphin or any cetaceans shows. Say No to the chubbing of sharks, say NO to petting apex cats like lions, cheethas and tiger cubs. Say NO to walking with lions and cheethas. Say NO to petting and playing with monkeys, lemurs and apes. Say NO to owning a wild animal as a pet. Say NO to circuses with preforming animals. Dont pose with wild animals for selfies - wildlife selfies are selfish. If you help us spread the #HandsOffOurWildlife message, and if you help us fight for #animalrightsintourism, you are helping us a lot already, and we appreciate it.

You can help by sharing this site with your family and friends. Afterall #SharingIsCaring.

#SayNoToWildlifePetting #HandsOffOurWildlife