The Special Monkey Home was build for primates who are disabled, orphaned, elderly, blind or otherwise unable to live happily in the Monkeyland forest. We also welcome disabled primates from other locations in South Africa, and countries abroad to come and live out their lives with us. A similar project is underway at Birds of Eden and Jukani.

All of the primates in our Special Monkey Home are here due to their quirks, disabilities and/or old age. Some have poor eye-sight, others have had limbs amputated and some are well, just old and grumpy (or crazy). But, to us, they are all very special.

We are not sure where they all come from or how they became `special` – it is often simply better not to ask. I would not euthanize my mother if she had a limp, became blind, was a bit long-in-the-tooth or had diabetes. Ditto are our `special monkeys`, we will provide the best care we can until their last days. For more info you can contact our curator Isabel Wentzel.