The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) is constituted under Section 21 of the Companies Act as a PBO 2000/000667/08, our NPO number is 008-464.  We are a body which strives to improve the lives of captive primates, birds and other wildlife. We do this by relocating the captive wild animals to spacious sanctuaries. The SAASA group is an active #HandsOffOurWildlife campaigner. We fight for #animalrightsintourism.

SAASA  performs the vital task of caring for wildlife populations in near as possible to wild environments.

Role of SAASA i
n Nature Conservation:

To maintain and protect genetically pure species of various taxa in a semi wild state, housed in free-roaming habitats that are not un-similar to those of the animal’s home ranges.

To one day hold the seeds of these Taxa that can be reintroduced back into the wild when the circumstances are right.

Learn more about SAASA by emailing us your questions. Simply contact Lara, she will be happy to assist.

If you wish to donate money, services and/or goods to assist SAASA you could do so by contacting us

Our banking details are:

  • The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA)
  • Account number: 62016396922
  • Branch code: 210-514
  • Swift code: : FIRNZAJJ

For further assistance please contact Tony; Lara or Lee

Thank you for your support!


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