Welcome the Servals

The story of Primo, Bor, Bondo, and Kindu is one of resilience, rescue, and the promise of a new life at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.

Embracing Joy

A Day at the New Farmyard in Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Help the Monkeys buy the Monkeyland Forest

What would motivate you to donate to Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary’s ‘Square Meters for the Monkeys’ crowdfunding campaign?

Empty The Cages: African grey parrots and the cruelty of confinement

Birds of Eden, the bird sanctuary in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay, is on an African grey parrot mission.

Can monkeys own land?

Faced with the reality that there’s nowhere in the world where the animals who live on the land can own it, Lara Mostert and Tony Blignaut of SAASA (the South African Animal Sanctuaries Alliance), decided to come up with a solution of their own.

Lara Mostert: Square Metre Woman

Total commitment and a love for animals drives this Plettenberg Bay woman to try and change the law about whether animals can own the land on which they live, and so protect their habitat forever.

COVID crisis: 1,200 pet birds find sanctuary

This wild bird sanctuary near Plettenberg Bay became the go-to solution for pet birds whose owners were forced to give them up during Covid. It’s now also the home to the world’s largest assemblage of different types of turaco.

Monkeyland land sale

Innovative campaign will transfer control of land to the animals that live in this award-winning primate sanctuary near Plettenberg Bay.

Share your photos

I was so excited to open up a WeTransfer with the most amazing photos from visitor Michelle

Who Is Doing What To Save Tourism?

I know at times you might feel like you are alone.  But let me show you some campaigns surrounding Tourism in SA!