Welcome the Servals

The story of Primo, Bor, Bondo, and Kindu is one of resilience, rescue, and the promise of a new life at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.

Embracing Joy

A Day at the New Farmyard in Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Help the Monkeys buy the Monkeyland Forest

What would motivate you to donate to Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary’s ‘Square Meters for the Monkeys’ crowdfunding campaign?

Share your photos

I was so excited to open up a WeTransfer with the most amazing photos from visitor Michelle

Who Is Doing What To Save Tourism?

I know at times you might feel like you are alone.  But let me show you some campaigns surrounding Tourism in SA! 

Filming at our sanctuaries

All our sanctuaries are currently available for filming for feature films, series, tv shows and adverts.

Winners in the 2019 Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards

On 15 September 2019, during the opening ceremony of the 80th Skål World Congress held onboard the Royal Caribbean “Symphony of the Seas” – SAASA was awarded the prestigious accolade of being Global “Major Tourist Attraction”, making SAASA the official winners of the 2019 Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards in the category of Major Tourist Attraction.

5 reasons why you should not raise wild animals as pets

Should you try to rescue that abandoned baby bunny or bird? Absolutely not, and here's why.

The heartbreaking world of captive exotic birds

These powerful portraits will make you think twice before bringing home a cockatoo or macaw.

In his evocative "Earthbound" series, photographer Oliver Regueiro pulls back the curtain on what it means to own an exotic bird — warts and all. This male citron cockatoo named Scruffy Joe was surrendered to a sanctuary after his former owner realized the bird needed more time and attention than he could manage.

Rangers - unsung heroes of wildlife conservation

Did you know that population numbers of mountain gorillas have doubled in the last 30 years thanks to effective protection of their habitats by rangers?