Our mission is one of education and understanding, and to meet these objectives, we strive for all guests who having visited any of our sanctuaries to leave with greater knowledge of and compassion for wild animals.

One of our main areas of focus is to educate the public about the adverse effects of keeping wild animals as pets, in terms of both their physical and psychological health. We also fight for #animalrightsintourism and we are active #HandsOffOurWildlife campaigners.


  • To encourage understanding of and a commitment to the conservation of wild animals especially primates, birds and apex cats.
  • To communicate the need for healthy natural and spacious habitats; and recognition of the wild animals need for interdependence of people, their natural environment and its component resources.
  • We are committed to reaching and engaging the largest number of people possible to enable them, through knowledge and understanding, to develop the motivation and skills to make informed choices about their lives in relation to the wise use of the natural resources around them.

Role of The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) in Nature Conservation  To maintain and protect genetically pure species of various taxa in a semi wild state, housed in free-roaming habitats that are not un-similar to those of the animal’s home ranges. To one day hold the seeds of these Taxa that can be reintroduced back into the wild when the circumstances are right.

SAASA provides wild animals in our care with a stable environment, one with permanence and where there is no exploitation. We oppose any form of wildlife interaction.

At SAASA, care far exceeds what is required in the regulations regarding animal welfare. All SAASA sanctuaries are most importantly, places which are conducive to the wellbeing and ultimate rehabilitated both physically and emotionally of the wild animals in our care. At SAASA we strive to achieve an effective balance between conservation and economic reality. Our sanctuaries are therefore often tourism driven in order to be financially sustainable. A safari at any of our sanctuaries is much more than just an unforgettable forest and wildlife adventure; it is the vehicle that allows you to become part of what we do for the wild animals in our care.

It is because of sanctuaries such as MonkeylandBirds of EdenJukani and The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary which go beyond idealism, and who strive to do something positive, that we can look forward to a more optimistic future.


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