The whole world has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and I know all sectors have somehow felt it, being in Tourism it does feel like we where hit exceptionally hard as we are also one of the few sectors that is mostly still not allowed to operate at full capacity.  Most parts of tourism in South Africa incorporates some form of tour guide and that is one of the divisions hit the hardest.  Do not feel alone in your struggles if you are in tourism or hospitality there are things you can do to lend your voice to the injustice of it all. 

If you are on Facebook you can join the group called On the Frontline.  They are supporting all current campaigns to save and assist tourism and everyone there is going through the same thing and they are in the same boat.  Unlike those people sitting in mansions who keep saying we are all in the same storm, but they are on a yacht and my dingy has taken on way too much water! 

So give them a follow and find a campaign that fits you or your company and join in.  Tour guides you are great at telling stories about the park or animals you show your visitors....this time it is time to tell them your story!  The world is ready to hear us so let's be loud about it!  If you would like to start your own campaign, make sure to share it on The Frontline so the rest of us can add support to you and yours!  Reach out and connect with others.

A campaign I found on their page is the #JobSaveLives campaign for 1 Millions Seats on the Streets. This will happen on Wednesday the 22nd of July 2020 from Noon till 2pm.  The streets of Cape Town will be shut down and they will be placing their empty chairs and tables on the streets in a bid to get our President to notice how many are empty and how many jobs he is allowing to be lost. 

According to Rasa (The Restaurant Association of South Africa) nearly 70% of all jobs have already been lost!  Taxis can operate at 100% capacity with no space left for social distancing whereas restaurants can only run at about 15% of capacity.  This campaign hopes to get the president to allow them to run at 70% occupancy which will still allow ample space for social distancing.  

Another problem the restaurants are facing is the current curfew of 21:00 - 04:00 which means their peak serving time of 19:00 - 21:00 is actually no longer available as they will have to stop serving at 19:00 in order to clean up, close up and get everyone home before 21:00.

Yet another issue they are facing is the face that liquor may not be sold on the property, this is the one area where most restaurants make their profits.  

So, if on Wednesday the 22nd of July you find yourself in Cape Town. Please support this campaign. 


This is a campaign that I am supporting with my whole heart.  They are looking for woman to tell their story and to show the face behind all the numbers.  It is easy to say 5 people will lose their jobs. It is much harder to say Jim John Betty Mark and Mable willl lose their jobs.  

We need everyone to see the faces that are behind the masks, the faces that are behind the numbers, the faces that have to turn to their children and explain why there is no more food, why there is no money for shoes, why they have to sell what they have to make it through just one more day! 

Thus if you are a woman in tourism and you feel the need for people to hear your story please share it with them.  Just click here on #IAMTOURISM it will take you straight to the blog where you can get even more information on this campaign and the work they are doing. Or you can email them directly with your photo and story. 

If you are want to know more about this campaign and maybe even some other options for you, check out this blog "Hopping Mad that Toursim is Closed" where they give you more ideas of what you can do to support tourism and campaigns that are trying to get their voices heard. 

If you think it will not help to add your voice you are wrong.  Take a look at this video of the peaceful protest they did or well they called it #TourismDrive and I like that name.  It is all in a hope to #SaveTourism. If we all stand togther we can do it. 


Tourism drive

Tourism drive, this is how we can stand together. #savetourism #jointhefight

Posted by Wildlife captured by Shaun on Friday, 17 July 2020