So we would like to WELCOME Lia and Elsa to the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance and their new home at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.  Lia is a tawny 6 month old Lioness and Elsa a 9 month old white Lioness 
 or should I say Lioness in the making.

Lia is not the first (or only) lion cub that Drew has saved. To date 10 lions have been saved thanks to Drew. When Maxine first met Elsa she felt a strong connection, and from this first moment, she knew she had to save her. We believe that this will also not be the last lion Maxine saves.

Due to the abuse that Lia (the tawny lion cub) had to endure in her earliest days – living in a hamster size cage and being fed nothing but camel milk – her growth is severely stunted. Lia is however under the care now of our amazing Vet Brendan Tindall who feels comfortable that Lia will be much better off now that she is here at Jukani and on a safer healthier diet. Before her rescue, Lia also suffered a broken left shoulder which was not taken care of. As result, she might always walk with a slight limp and be smaller than the other lions but she makes up for that in attitude.

Elsa has endured emotional and physical abuse which she now needs to recover from, and we hope that living with Lia with whom she has already bonded, and being free from human interference will help her become a confident lioness.

SAASA (South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) and especially the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary team would like to take this opportunity and say WELCOME Lia and Elsa. As well as saying thank you! Thank you to Drew and Brian Abrahamson, Maxine Prins, PAWS SA – Hilton Button, The Pet Lounge, Pets want to travel, Paul Tully, Jill Burton, Diana Zulficker, Hesham Sheta, Dr Abdullah Hassin, Vet Brendan Tindall and our team!

So if you are looking for something amazing to do - come and visit our Sanctuaries and welcome these new arrivals.