Help Save The African Grey Parrot

Please support our new project to save more African Grey Parrots by helping us build a special African Grey aviary.

The whole project is because we get so many request to take on African Greys, mainly for reasons that the owners are now too old to look after the parrots and maybe are moving into retirement facilities and cannot take the parrots, or they are immigrating and cannot take the birds with them. We have had a few requests from older people that are sick and the children do not want to take on a bird in a cage.

Because Grey can live to such a ripe old age, many will outlive their owners and will end up for 40-50 years in a cage! African grey parrots have been uplifted to a CITES I protection, meaning no trade in wild birds, but the pet bird trade is sadly still booming. Shamefully, South Africa exports tens of thousands of captive-bred Greys every year for the pet trade so imagine how many are kept as pets in our country alone.

We simply cannot accommodate the all these parrots inside Birds of Eden because they are just too destructive on the forest and everything else inside, hence the reason of building a special African Grey aviary that will house only these African greys. We have received quotes and will need the minimum of R 600 000 to complete this project.

Please help us to #EmptyTheCages

To donate to this worthy project please use refrence "GreyRace" when donating into this account:

Account name: South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance

Account number: 620 16396 922

Bank: First National Bank

Branch code:  210514