When photographers visit.

We had the pleasure of receiving a most wonderful email from Karel Vandersloten.  He came for a visit to the three SAASA Sanctuaries – Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.  Then as a bonus he send us a great email thanking us but it is us who should thank him for sharing these great photos with us.

When I showed this photo to some of the staff they could not believe that this was taken just out side Monkeyland.  This is actually a photo of the Monkeyland Farm, where we prepare food for the animals – this is seen by us as place where we work very hard.  Yet in the words of Khaya our receptionist: “Through the eyes of Karel this looks like an exotic place where you buy the postcards so you can show everyone how amazing it is”. I think that pretty much sums up this amazing photo:



Amazing right?  Well see below for more photos of Karel’s visit.

Herewith Karel Vandersloten’s photos of MONKEYLAND

Herewith Karel Vandersloten’s photo of BIRDS OF EDEN

Herewith Karel Vandersloten’s photos of JUKANI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY 

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