Happy Birthday too 2 little Primates.  American born South African Liam and South African Born South American Liam!

It is amazing how quickly a year goes past!  I can remember it like it was yesterday all of us staring from a distance at the Spider Monkeys to get a glimpse of new born Liam!  Now you see him all the time and he sure is a lively little monkey! Always sticking close to mum (just in case you know!) cause he is pretty naughty in all honesty!  Liam will still stick close to him mum as he is still nursing for some time.  Much like the human baby, Liam, he is still pretty reliable on mum!

I am amazed to see that just like a human mom Spider Monkey Mum Lucy slowly but surely started allowing her little monkey to roam further and further away from her.  You can now often spot mom lounging near the ground while Liam is running around the trees with some Capuchin Monkeys!

So please do come and visit us here at Monkeyland to see what an amazing Primate Liam is turning out to be!!!

Photographers Welcome

At Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary we love visiting photographers and wildlife photographers.  Very recently a returned ex-pat of Natures Valley – Jacqui Mance came for a visit at our Sanctuaries and we where lucky enough to have her share her Photos with us.  If you would like to contact Jacqui you can always go to her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/jacqui.mance

Herewith the amazing photos she shared with us.

If you are a novice, professional or part time just for fun photographer please do not hesitate to contact Lara on lara@monkeyland.co.za 082 979 5683 or Vijver on marketing@saasa.org.za 072 613 2261 to find out about the amazing special deals we can do for photographers!



Filming a Movie? Looking for a Location? You FOUND IT!

Looking for the perfect location for you movie, documentary, advertisement?  Need forest? Need animals in the back ground?  Looking for that “something” that no other place has!

Well look no further cause you have found it!!  Did you know that movies and even some popular adverts have been shot inside Monkeyland?  An ever changing forest with backgrounds like you won’t believe and no need to trek into the middle of the amazon!

Contact Lara on lara@monkeyland.co.za now to get more information on filming in the Garden Route, South Africa!


Bird on a Fishing Trip

This is by far one of the coolest video’s I have seen in a while. I have to wonder…who came first…fishermen or this little bird.  Watch how it uses a piece of bread to lure a fish into his tummy! Watch the video below to see how he does it!


I have to say I now realize that I must be the worlds worst “fishermen” if even a bird can mange to do so with just a piece of bread and I have caught nothing but a sunburn with my few hundred rand’s worth of fishing gear!!

We ain’t going anywhere PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

So I arrive here at Monkeyland this morning a few minutes later than I had hoped for because of the roads being so busy.  But instead of just racing ahead and taking a chance getting into the main road I took that moment to double check that my niece and her friend (currently volunteering here at Monkeyland) had their safety belts on.  Once the road was clear I could safely turn into it and get to work.  I was not late and I was safe and so where my loved ones!  But opening up News 24 and AlgoaFM News online this morning it seems that is not the case for everyone.


Over 850 people have already died on South African roads in the last 27 days in over 700 separate accidents. I am shocked at the fact that over 30 people die EVERY DAY in a car accident!!


You can check one of the incidents – http://www.algoafm.co.za/article.aspx?id=8293


Or check out http://www.arrivealive.co.za/ for all the incidents reported.


I used to be a little speed demon of note!  Till someone send me the link to a video that changed my life!  After watching it I slowed down, I became more considerate towards other drivers and guess what, I am enjoying it more to be on the road with all the holiday makers! Do not end your year in tragedy – we have had enough.


So please note, Monkeyland and Birds of Eden is open every day from 8am till 6pm (if you enter BOE before 6pm you can stay till 7pm!!) Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is open every day from 8am till 5pm (last tour departing at 4pm)! Also we are not going anywhere, so please slow down if you miss us today we will be just as happy to see you tomorrow.  Enjoy every moment with your family and friends.


If you would like to see the video that change my life click below: